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Honor Roll for Excellence in Cancer Writing

My greatest revelation in starting a “blogroll” for Being Cancer was the quality of writing that I found week after week.  I started printing examples of this writing as our Guest Post feature, one of the most popular and widely read features on our site.  For the most part these are not professional writers.  They are just folks who started blogs and were somehow able to connect deeply with what they were experiencing as cancer survivors.  They were then able to convey the depth of that experience in elegant, moving prose.  Excellent, compelling writing has always been my sole criteria for selection.

The following blogs are highly recommended for your attention.  In order to honor these bloggers we have created the Award Badge above.  Bloggers who choose to do so may display this badge on their site.  Watch the Honor Roll as it grows from week to week.




Honor Roll — 4 Comments

    • This is the time of year when a lot of lists appear – the year’s best movies, books, videos, CDs, news stories, sports stories. All, like the Academy Awards, are subjective. The Honor Roll is likewise subjective. But rather than a definitive “Top Ten”, this is an on-going list, to be expanded as the work of more bloggers is recognized in the weeks and months to come. This is one of the reasons I plan to publish two Guest Posts per week instead of one. There is just too much good writing out there that cannot be ignored. Keep up your own great work. Take care, Dennis

  1. So many of us cancer bloggers find it challenging to keep it up – is anyone reading my blog, am I reaching anyone new, am I helping ANYONE? Thank you so much for the work you do to both bring attention to us bloggers and to reward those who are doing it well. I am a frequent reader of many of the bloggers you highlight – and I couldn’t agree more! Thanks, Dennis.

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