This section is an experiment on how we, as a cancer blogging community, can find new ways to support each other in our struggles to understand and communicate about this disease and its effect on our lives

One idea would be to develop a section of hints and tips on technical issues related to starting and maintaining a blog on various platforms.  Another might be to help cancer bloggers develop ideas for posts, helping non-writers to put their thoughts down in an effective way.  Still another idea might be to establish a forum on these concepts – where people could talk about not just cancer issues, but issues related to sharing the experience with others over the internet.

Please let me know what you think.  Take care, Dennis

~ Honor Roll – a list of exceptionally well-written cancer blogs noted for their authors’ ability to convey the cancer experience in elegant and moving prose

~ Starting a Cancer Blog – a primer on how and why you can start your own blog from very basic platforms to the more complicated

~ Cancer Book Club – on online cancer book club, this feature is on hold for a redesign.  But take a look at what we did last year and send me your thoughts.



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  1. Hi,

    I was an Honor Roll writing award recipient in February 2011. I wrote a new blog entry this weekend that your readers may find interesting. If so, please feel free to reference (or republish) it.

    The blog entry is titled, You have cancer. What now? My top 12 list.

    This blog entry is targeted at people recently diagnosed or currently undergoing treatment for cancer. The top 12 list includes topics such as knowing one’s cancer, paradigm shifts in cancer treatment, genetic testing, selecting a cancer clinic and being aware of the impact this disease may have on one’s close to you. It is a good read for cancer patients and caregivers. My objective in writing this material and posting it is to help people through this illness.

    Ed Steger

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