This is the heart of Being Cancer Network. It is an ever growing list of personal cancer blogs. It represents an opportunity to learn from the experiences of others with specific types of cancer. This is a starting-off point and a place to dialogue and share.

If you know of personal cancer blogs not listed, please let me know so the list can grow!

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Sarcomas — 4 Comments

  1. Just wanted to share my doctor’s name, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez in NYC – he is curing cancer including sarcoma. I have synovial sarcoma and was told by the Mayo Clinic that it was terminal since it has spread to my lungs. I went to see Dr. Gonzalez and have been on his program for 6 months. I have never been healthier, my cancer numbers are dropping and he gave me a 90% chance of living. He uses enzyme therapy to kill off the cancer. He is brilliant and I thank God each and every day for leading me to him. His website is

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