This is the heart of Being Cancer Network. It is an ever growing list of personal cancer blogs. It represents an opportunity to learn from the experiences of others with specific types of cancer. This is a starting-off point and a place to dialogue and share.

If you know of personal cancer blogs not listed, please let me know so the list can grow!


Leukemia Blogs

  • Brian Koffman



Leukemia — 5 Comments

  1. What a wonderful resourse. I am supposed to be more used to the whole cancer now that my son is in LTM but I am not! I hope this list of blogs will help me as we struggle through the hardships and cherish the good times. My blog is more a vent that any kind of information…I look forward to reading through the blogs on your list.

    • Serena,
      Thanks for letting me know about your blog. I have added it to the leukemia blog list. I also republished one of your posts, including two links to your site as well as a link to the original post. You should see an increase in traffic. Keep up the excellent work. Our thoughts are with you.
      Take care, Dennis

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