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  1. Hello… , I am a patient with recurrent ovarian cancer. I want to inspire others who are struggling and on the edge of giving up hope. I have had a difficult experience but my strength and faith have kept me going. I had three debulking surgeries to date. I have also gone through a combination of chemos and It was not easy at all… i am sure all of you who have had similar experiences know what I am talking about… I started researching about immunotherapy and how it is softer on the body, i heard great great reviews about it. then i decided to preserve the tumor tissue in case of recurrence so I can use it in personalized vaccine down the road or any type of therapy that Would require tissue and I found this new company called storemytumor.. they were helpful.. I recommend whoever reads this to spread awareness about the importance of tumor tissue and how valuable and empowering it is when you most need it, to you and your doctor. God bless you all and always have faith and hope.


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