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  1. Have you checked out Channeling Erik? I am a physician and mother of five who recently lost my 20 year old son, Erik. I started the blog to journal my grief, hoping I would heal by helping others. But soon Erik made his continued existence known to family, friends and blog members. As a physician with a strong background in science, this shook my entire paradigm to the core, especially since I was raised by two atheists!

    Now, I channel Erik through a world renown medium, asking him questions about death, the afterlife, suicide, the nature of reality and more. Lately, we’ve been asking him to bring famous celebrities to interview including Elvis, Carl Sagan, Sai Baba, Michael Jackson, and 350 more.

    Erik also has a penchant for visiting blog members to give them advice, comfort, or play little pranks (messing with electronics, sending noxious smells, hiding items in plain sight, etc.) Over the past few months, he’s become a worldwide phenomenon and has been interviewed on many national and international shows, including The Sheila Gale Show. Currently, a screenwriter is writing a pilot for a TV show based on Erik’s life and afterlife—a weekly one hour drama, fiction based on truth.

    Please understand that Erik is no guru or Dalai Lama. In fact, he curses like a sailor and has an irreverent sense of humor, but in a way, that’s part of his allure. Erik is one of us, someone who once struggled in life and, like us, he’s still searching for answers to those bigger questions. I can’t tell you how many grieving or depressed blog members have been saved by Channeling Erik. If you are in pain, I hope you join us on our journey.

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  3. My name is Wilfredo Aqueron, I am a Cancer patient as well. I was diagnosed with a Defuse Pontine Glioma (June, 2008). I remember when I was diagnosed I spend days looking for other survivors who have beaten the odds. My intention is to create a documentary that will collect some of these survivors. I want to provide hope.
    The only thing that I am asking is for you to check my campaign page and help me do my documentary.

  4. I am very glad to have found the Being Cancer blogsite and especially this Grief Blogs section. I have read the latest blogs of most of the list and found myself in tears.

    I am a stage IIIC ovarian cancer survivor (4 years, no recurrence). I am also a cancer widow. My husband of 23 years supported me through 8 months of horrendous surgeries, and 9 cycles of IV/peritoneal chemotherapy. Then, days before my last chemo, he suddenly became ill. The night before my last session he had emergency surgery. While I received my final IV/peritoneal treatment, I talked with my husband recuperating in an ICU 60 miles away. A few weeks later we learned his diagnosis: pancreatic cancer. He died six months later.

    I am writing a memoir about our dual cancer experience and my widowhood — what it feels like, how I survived. I don’t know if it will help anyone else, I only know I feel compelled to write it down.

    Recently, I started a blog, but it is about a different subject I cover in the memoir — our beautiful mountain property that is designated as one of Virginia’ natural area preserves. My husband’s ashes are scattered among the wildflowers on Naked Mountain. He told me, “Do this, and that way I will always be near you.”

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