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This is the heart of Being Cancer Network. It is an ever growing list of personal cancer blogs. It represents an opportunity to learn from the experiences of others with specific types of cancer. This is a starting-off point and a place to dialogue and share.

If you know of personal cancer blogs not listed, please let me know so the list can grow!

Breast Cancer Blogs –

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  1. You have quite an extensive list of blogs! I’ve been blogging the “journey” my wife and I are living. http// if you’d like to add another.


    • Very familiar with your blog. I was worried somehow it got dropped. But I did find it in the Breast Cancer List under “B” – “Breast Cancer? But doctor I hate pink”. Thanks for writing. Take care, Dennis

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  3. Please add: “Time to Consider the Lilies: my life since cancer came calling.” Basically one mid-life woman wrestles with cancer from diagnosis, surgery, treatment. It is frank, often funny and a rebel yell for a new kind of conversation that will lead to us a CAUSE!!

    • Yvonne, Thanks for the email informing me about your blog. I have reprinted this as well as you About Me as a Guest Post at Being Cancer Network. I included two links to your site as well as a link to your original post. You should see an increase in traffic. Please consider adding us to your blogroll. Keep up the great work.
      Take care,

  4. Hi Dennis – and everyone! I’m writing to you from Australa’s ‘Top End’. I’ve just started a blog called ‘Paw Paw Salad’ about living with breast cancer, and life in this part of the world (I was diagnosed only a short time after moving here from the Big Smoke – it’s been one hell of a journey!). This site is a great initiative – I’ve already had fun checking out different blogs, and plan to do much more. I’d love it if people popped in for some ‘salad’ and to say hi! Cheers, Liz

  5. Diagnosed May 2011. Stage 2b. ER+PR+ HER2+ Grade 2. Bi-lateral mastectomy, chemo and radiation. My blog is mostly about the laughter I have encountered along the way. Sense of humour required.

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  8. I would like to share my blog. I am BRCA1+ and am about to undergo a PBM with DIEP reconstruction and a hysterectomy in January 2013. My blog “Ta ta to the ta-tas” is new and I would love if you add it to your listing.

  9. This is the journal of the daughter that chronicles how life was before, during, and after her mom passed away from metastatic breast cancer. I hope you can add it to your list.

  10. I have traveled many miles and learned so much to tell you that we are now in 2012 and buisness as usuall is done. changes everything. This takes control away from big Pharma and allows you to directly fund the army of scientists working on a real cure. search,YOUTUBE, The revolution is starting.

  11. I was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago. I am currently in the final stages of breast reconstruction. I started a blog back in November (2012) called “A Year Ago Today – Breast Cancer Diary”. It tells the story of the events leading up to my diagnosis and then my journey through breast cancer with a year’s perspective. It’s not just about cancer. It’s about life as well. Would you please add it to your blog list? Thank you, Trudy

  12. Please add my blog, Tangling With Cancer, to your list. You can find me at

    Diagnosed with Inflammatory breast cancer in 2012, the blog charts my journey from a year post diagnosis. It’s not all doom and gloom so please pay me a visit.

    Can you also add Inflammatory breast cancer to your tag cloud, please?

    Many thanks.

    • Shelly,
      Thanks for writing to me. I have added your site to the Breast Cancer blogs list. I will also be republishing one of your March posts next week. I will include two links to your site as well as a link to the original post. You should see an increase in traffic. Keep up the good work.
      Take care, Dennis

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