Cancer Blogs Lists

This is the heart of Being Cancer Network. It is an ever growing list of personal cancer blogs.  It represents an opportunity to learn from the experiences of others with specific types of cancer.  This is a starting-off point and a place to dialogue and share.

If you know of personal cancer blogs not listed, please let me know so the list can grow!


~ Brain Cancer Blogs

~ Breast Cancer Blogs – including BRCA+

~ Grief Blogs


~ Gynecologic Cancerscervical; ovarian; uterine

~ Head and Neck Cancers

~ Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Blogs

~ Kidney Cancer Blogs – including Wilm’s tumor

~ Leukemia Blogs

~ Liver / Lung Cancer Blogs

~ Miscellaneous Cancer Blogs – Bladder; Bone; Caregivers; Children; Esophageal; Group blogs; Physicians and Nurses; Pancreatic; Testicular; Uncommon cancers

~ Multiple Myeloma Blogs

~ Neuroblastoma Blogs

~ Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Blogs


~ Prostate Cancer Blogs

~ Sarcoma Blogs

~ Skin / Thyroid Cancer Blogs



Cancer Blogs Lists — 30 Comments

  1. Dennis, this is fantastic. I will link here on my own site, which is a cancer resource site for anyone, but from the perspective of an IBC survivor. I don’t see any IBC blogs here, and I know a number of them that I can share! Inflammatory Breast Cancer is characterized as “rare, aggressive, and deadly”. I am NED, which is against the odds and I am so grateful! I have links to other IBC blogs that I know about on my site.
    Thanks so much Dennis, and Happy Thanksgiving!
    In Health,
    Elizabeth Danu

  2. Hi, Just found this wonderful resource for cancer suffers. My mother has stage IV cancer and she is doing very well. 8 months now till the day the doctor said she would die.
    This despite no chemotherapy or further radiation. Its really important to be part of a community because cancer even for loved ones, can be terrifying having to deal with the day to day symptoms. I hope for everyone’s well being and God bless you all take care Kate

  3. What a comprehensive resource you have developed. It is clear that people are hungry to share experiences and connect in this manner.
    I would like to add our blog to the list. We are called Ultra Sounds: An Online Forum for Creative Exploration of the Cancer Experience.

    I blog about my own experience and the way creativity has helped me process my own cancer-like illness. More importantly, once a week we post creative works (writing, art, photos, video, cartoons) by people who have some connection to cancer, be they patient, caregiver, family member or health care provider.

    We welcome everyone to come visit our site: to see what we are doing and perhaps to contribute something. For more information contact


  4. So pleased to have found your network. I, too, have started a blog following my Mom’s lung cancer diagnosis.
    Sadly, she passed away, but this blog is all about our positive and inspirational approach to cancer. I hope it will help other families who have lost loved ones to cancer. Thank you and best wishes to you all.
    Lesley x.

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  6. I have just started a blog called Cancer Helpful Hints which is a place to share cancer help and cancer support hints that I have learnt from experience for cancer patients, carers, family and friends. My husband is currently fighting his 3rd type of cancer (hodgkins lymphoma, neurilemmoma, and now non hodgkins lymphoma)

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  8. Could you please add my blog to the list? I finally got brave enough to blog about my cancer. You can read it at

    I thought maybe your readers would be able to identify with this. Tell me what you think and feel free to share it with others. Thanks for the support!
    Now that I’ve broken the ice – I plan to blog more about me cancer in the future.
    srkind recently posted…Cancer: You Need To KnowMy Profile

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