Writing now in early October 2010, the blog has just passed 60,000 visits.  We have slowly been evolving, both in content and in style.  I suspect Being Cancer Network will continue to evolve, molding itself to the needs of its readership, the community of people transformed by cancer.

Many people have taken advantage of the site’s features.  My hope remains that our community dialogue will become even more vibrant and sustaining.

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  1. Hi Dennis – thanks for popping over to my blog and your kind words – your site has soooo much information -I look foward to having a read. And thanks for connecting so many people…

  2. Hi, Dennis-
    I just wanted to say thank you for continuing to maintain this site. I continue to get readers pushed to my blog on a regular basis. That being said, my breast cancer has returned– it is in my liver now. Next to my blog on your site, it does say triple negative,but could you maybe add metastatic? I want to help as many people as I can through writing. Thanks so much!!!

  3. I remember searching for more info about lung cancer and ran across this site. I bookmarked it along with other sites and never got a chance to come back. A month ago I started a blog and I ended up coming back to this site. I am so thankful to have ‘rediscovered’ this site. when you get a chance, can you check out my blog? It’s about my mom who is battling lung cancer. Each day is different and no two hours present the same viewpoint. Thanks. Roni

  4. I just started a journal to document how a daughter copes with a mom who is at a progressive stage of metastatic breast cancer. I am overwhelmed with all the inspiring blogs out there. It helps me cope. I hope I can be a part of it in the chance that perhaps my experiences can help others as well in the same way that other blogs help me. JJ

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