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“Cynthia Chauhan has compiled an excellent and very readable book of essays on kidney cancer called “Incidental Finding”. The contributors are a mix of researchers and physicians from the Mayo Clinic and kidney cancer survivors who tell their own personal stories. Cynthia is making the book available without charge to kidney cancer survivors/caregivers who request it. A generous contributor is allowing ACKC to distribute the book without charge as well to residents of North America.

Cynthia, as well as being a kidney cancer survivor herself, is a clinical social worker in private practice in Wichita, KS. She has extensive experience as a group worker including support group work with kidney cancer patients. She is a member of a number of professional organizations including being on the Patient Advisory Board of the Coalition of National Cancer Cooperative Groups. She has also published in professional journals.

We thank Cynthia for making her book available to a broad readership. The more knowledge we have about our disease, the better we are able to fight it. The book is dedicated to Steve Dunn, who was the first and most eminent kidney cancer advocate until he died prematurely in 2005, at age 49, from meningitis. Steve was the creator of the CancerGuide website and the ACOR Kidney-ONC listserv.”

If you want a copy of the book, go to  Contact ACKC page and enter your name, address, email, and note “CHAUHAN BOOK”, and allow a couple of weeks for delivery.  (from Action to Cure Kidney Cancer)


About Dennis Pyritz

Dennis W. Pyritz, RN, BA, BSN, has been a cancer nurse since 1987 and a cancer and bone marrow transplant survivor since 2004. In December 2001 he was diagnosed with t-cell prolymphocytic leukemia (T-PLL), a rare aggressive form of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). Dennis was treated with the then new monoclonal antibody, alemtuzumab (Campath) as this disease has a median survival of 7.5 months. He achieved a 26 month remission but relapsed in February 2004. He was retreated with Campath and went into a second remission. In August 2004 he underwent an allogeneic peripheral blood stem cell transplant with his brother, Mark, as donor. Dennis has remained in remission since - a near miracle. Throughout his career as cancer nurse and patient, Dennis has had the opportunity to speal to both lay and professional groups. Dennis has spoken on cancer topics and survival issues across the country as well as in the United Kingdom, Norway, Austria, Portugal, Honduras, Panama, Guatemala, Trinidad, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Cyrpus, Israel, and India.


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