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Here in the midwest we have just endured 4 days of welcome though dreary rain.  I could use a pickup, and so could you probably.  Gwen wrote me last month.  She’s in a difficult situation, another person with stage IV colon cancer.  She has a great attitude which I share with you now.  Gwen writes at Blog for a Cure and at her own site I’m Still Here…

My journey as a single mom of 3 dealing with the insanity of my life while facing cancer and chemo for the 3rd time in 5 years, after being told this last time that my time is short, Guess what? I’m still here and don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon.

Life is never boring when you’re living it…

that popped it my head today while I was replying to a blog post at Blog For a Cure. Once I thought about it, it’s stuck in my head as a good reply to my youngest daughter because she constantly complains about being bored, and having nothing to do. I realize she’s only (almost) 10, so it’s kinda a deep thought to point out, but, really just being able to be here to have nothing to do…is a considerable amount of something that you have. It’s gonna be my new motto, I think. I’ve always thought things could be worse, (of course I’ve had moments of feeling like things are horrible for myself, but I have had a rough time so I guess I can excuse those moments some) But there is always someone out there who is considerably worse off then you. ALWAYS. I may have Cancer, I may have this ugly, nasty rash, and scars every where, but ya know, I’m here, I can walk, I can talk, I can eat…(which is a biggie, since I was told in January basically I was coming home to starve until I was gone) I am broke, since I haven’t the energy to work, I am stuck at home with no vehicle since I am broke. But, I can reach out to others online, so I’m not totally alone. I’m still here, so that’s a pretty damn good place to be.

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About Dennis Pyritz

Dennis W. Pyritz, RN, BA, BSN, has been a cancer nurse since 1987 and a cancer and bone marrow transplant survivor since 2004. In December 2001 he was diagnosed with t-cell prolymphocytic leukemia (T-PLL), a rare aggressive form of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). Dennis was treated with the then new monoclonal antibody, alemtuzumab (Campath) as this disease has a median survival of 7.5 months. He achieved a 26 month remission but relapsed in February 2004. He was retreated with Campath and went into a second remission. In August 2004 he underwent an allogeneic peripheral blood stem cell transplant with his brother, Mark, as donor. Dennis has remained in remission since - a near miracle. Throughout his career as cancer nurse and patient, Dennis has had the opportunity to speal to both lay and professional groups. Dennis has spoken on cancer topics and survival issues across the country as well as in the United Kingdom, Norway, Austria, Portugal, Honduras, Panama, Guatemala, Trinidad, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Cyrpus, Israel, and India.


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