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~ I have received a few emails lately that you might be interested in.  The first came from a new website called  I am reprinting their email below and will be adding the site to the Cancer Resources list.  I looked at the site.  I get the impression that they are still adding to their listing.  I entered a number of cancer-related drugs and the search came up empty.  On the other hand, when I typed in clarithromycin, the antibiotic I am on, fairly complete information was listed.  This included an understandable (not too technical) explanation of the drug’s use and the way it works on the body.  There is a list of common interactions with other medications, a standard dosage, and recall or “black box” warnings that are not always so accessible.  An second tab lists an extensive list of side effects, things to avoid when taking the drug, and a some questions you might want to ask your doctor.  In all I think the site serves as an excellent adjunct to your personal approach to your cancer.  Since it is written in clear, understandable language, it can serve as a springboard to discuss any concerns with your nurses, physician, and pharmacist.  (Pharmacists are excellent sources of information that are probably underutilized.  Besides, I have found that they seem enjoy the opportunity to get out of their dispensing routine and do some interacting and teaching with the public.)

I am the Social Media Coordinator for . Lately I have been reaching out to cancer & drug education web sites (blogs) in efforts of getting our link resource added to your web site. We also have a team of writers dedicated to providing free, unique content for your website. has achieved HON certification and is dedicated to educating the public about the details of prescription and over the counter medications by aiding patients and consumers about any associated side effects with drugs used to treat several conditions. It is our pledge to never be affiliated with any drug or pharmaceutical company. If you would be interested in creating consumer and patient awareness, please let me know. With your help we can keep the public informed about important drug information.       ~ Drug Information, Side Effects & Interactions |

~ A few weeks back in our review of breast cancer sites, we met Sisters Network, an organization serving African-American women dealing with breast cancer.  Their annual conference is coming up the second weekend in April in Houston.  You can register online at Sisters Network Inc. : A National African American Breast Cancer Survivorship Organization.

~ Speaking of conferences, Tish and I are traveling to Boston next month to attend a symposium by BMT Infonet, the “Blood and Marrow Transplant Information Network”.  The fact that we have 3 month-old twin granddaughters in Boston has nothing to do with it.  Of course, it does but we did attend one of their symposiums and found it quite valuable.  So if you have had a transplant or anticipate the possibility in your treatment future, this would be an excellent experience to sign up for.  BMT InfoNet Homepage

~ I just saw an interesting movie (DVD) last week that I plan to review.  It is called I’ve Loved You So Long.  I thought it was excellent and plan to write a review later.  The cancer theme is peripheral to the main theme of a woman dealing with tragedy.  The performance by Kristen Scott Thomas (The English Patient) is extraordinary.  The film won a number of awards last year.  The movie is in the French language with subtitles.  Order from Amazon: I’ve Loved You So Long

~ A book I am reading and recommend to your attention is The Year of Magical Thinking by one of America’s iconic writers, Joan Didion.  The book covers her year of recovery and introspection after losing her husband – their marriage, the dimensions of a loving relationship, and the meaning of death.  I will try to write a review of this book later. The Year of Magical Thinking

~ Finally this miscellaneous post gives me the opportunity to do some grandparent bragging.  Four year old Sophia had her adenoids out and ear drains put in last week, a condition that was affecting not only her hearing but her speech development.  Afterward her daddy asked her if she could hear better now.  Sophie replied “Yes, can you understand me better now?”  Her sister Isabel and I spent the day together.  We were playing at the computer and made the photo above.  All for now.  Take care, Dennis


About Dennis Pyritz

Dennis W. Pyritz, RN, BA, BSN, has been a cancer nurse since 1987 and a cancer and bone marrow transplant survivor since 2004. In December 2001 he was diagnosed with t-cell prolymphocytic leukemia (T-PLL), a rare aggressive form of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). Dennis was treated with the then new monoclonal antibody, alemtuzumab (Campath) as this disease has a median survival of 7.5 months. He achieved a 26 month remission but relapsed in February 2004. He was retreated with Campath and went into a second remission. In August 2004 he underwent an allogeneic peripheral blood stem cell transplant with his brother, Mark, as donor. Dennis has remained in remission since - a near miracle. Throughout his career as cancer nurse and patient, Dennis has had the opportunity to speal to both lay and professional groups. Dennis has spoken on cancer topics and survival issues across the country as well as in the United Kingdom, Norway, Austria, Portugal, Honduras, Panama, Guatemala, Trinidad, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Cyrpus, Israel, and India.


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  1. I got the exact same email but they had no chemo drugs listed, none of the standard drugs that I, as a breast cancer survivor, am taking, and nothing that anybody I know about is taking. I will be happy to link to them when they have a good resource for cancer patients but until then, I’ll wait until their site to catch up to their aspirations.

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